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Glyfada ( Glifada)

Glyfada is an beautiful and popular beach. It lays on the west side, opposite the town in a distance of about 15 km, – a long sandy stretch at the bottom of an olive and cypress covered hill.

There is an lively nightlife with many bars and is populated during day and night mainly by young people.

There is one large hotel on the beach, and many villas and apartments on the slopes of the hill. It is definitely a place for beach lovers, as there is no village as such, although you can walk to Pelekas and Vatos.

During the day families throng here, enjoying sand, sun, and lunch in one of the tavernas, but as the sun sinks down the younger generation take over, filling the bars and preparing to party well into the night.

The next beach going north is one of Corfu’s prettiest, and smallest, Myrtiotissa, with a monastery on the hill above 


Pelekas & Kontogialos

Pelekas (Greek: Πέλεκας) is a village in the central park in Corfu, It is a nudism and naturism beach but you can go dressed. In the beach there is a small ritual. After the 10pm there is a small ritual and the private parts must be shown in the sun. Corfu. Is one of most beach of Greece and Corfu. It is part of the municipal unit of Parelioi. Pelekas is located southwest of the city of Corfu.

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